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12 Oct 2017
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2 Answers

Dr. Jacqueline Michael

answered on 1 year ago

Why do you want to stop smoking? Think out your reasons. Then pick out the reason that is the most personal to you and to which you have an emotional reaction. 

Focus on this reason and set a stop date. Start looking at the cig packet as though it were unappealing. Whenever u see a cigarette think of the emotional reason for wanting to stop smoking.  

Once you win the battle of the head its time to see if you will get withdrawal symptoms. If you do then use patches for a few weeks  .This will help with the physical withdrawal synptoms

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Medpicky user

answered on 1 year ago

i know the feel, i have been on that track. Now i completely stop smoking and i'm glad to share my ways with you. 

  • First keep a hard aim on your mind.
  • Avoid the placed you usually go for a smoke.
  • when you felt a huge urge of smoking, go to a tea stall get a coffee.
  • You cannot stop this bad habit completely at first. Keep a plan and track on your smoking.
  • Try to do cardio exercise more.
  • Keep a plan, how many times you are going to smoke in a week. Then reduce this eventually
  • Whatever method you follow to stop, it will only work out if you have a strong intention and will power to stop smoking. It's all about your will power.

Try to follow these and all the best :)

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