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22 Sep 2017
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2 Answers

Dr. Meera Mohan

answered on 1 year ago

Pornography addiction is a process that undergoes four phases. First, addiction, resulting from early and repeated exposure accompanied by masturbation. Second, escalation, during which the addict requires more frequent porn exposure to achieve the same “highs” and may learn to prefer porn to sexual intercourse. Third, desensitization, during which the addict views as normal what was once considered repulsive or immoral. And finally, the acting-out phase, during which the addict runs an increased risk of making the leap from screen to real life. This behaviour may manifest itself in the form of promiscuity, voyeurism, exhibitionism, group sex, rape, sadomasochism, or even child molestation. The final phase may also be characterized by one or more extramarital affairs.

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Nikhil Chandran

answered on 1 year ago

Yes, i agree to your status. Internet pornography is the one product almost everyone has encountered.

YouPorn, a popular free porn site, is six times bigger than Hulu in terms of data volume. Xvideos, with 4.4 billion page views a month.. three times the views of CNN or ESPN. streams ?fty gigabytes per second. According to PornHub, the site averaged 1.68 million visits per hour in 2013. Pornography is often described as pollution. But it is too big to be pollution; it is a signi?cant proportion of the Internet, and therefore a signi?cant proportion of human consciousness.

what more should I say... 

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