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23 Sep 2017
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5 Answers

Though I personally am against abortion as it is as good as taking one's life, it can be an accepted practice where the mother's life is at risk or when the morher is a rape victim. The mother's health, if neglected, may lead to worse conditions and an unhealthy mother is in no way going to give birth to a healthy child. Thus, instead of putting two lives at stake, it's always better to have one saved. 

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No, this is not a valid argument in favour of making abortion legal because abortion rate will increase dramatically. 

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A child should not be killed to save a mother, While these are different circumstances, and such medical emergencies are tragic, it is by no means obvious that the abortion is to be performed. The ‘mother vs. child’ dilemma is one which defies solution, and aborting to preserve one of the lives sets a dangerous precedent that it is acceptable to kill a person in order to save another. This is a clear, and unpalatable, case of treating a human being as a means to an end.

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Dr. Karthik Madhusudan

answered on 1 year ago

There are only three circumstances when a patient may have an abortion: in cases of rape, where there is a risk of life to the mother or foetal abnormality, but only before 16 weeks. 

We know that abortions, when performed legally, are cheap and safe. Yet the grim reality is that tens of thousands of women who die in the developing world each year from unsafe abortions do so because policymakers have decided their lives are not worth saving.

We know that providing access to legal terminations would stop women dying, but this remains an issue that provokes huge debate. Women who can’t access them legally still have abortions, but they often risking their lives. 

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Gayathri Manoj

answered on 1 year ago

I'm not talking about the legal or illegal side.. my opinion is "The mother's life is more valuable than the fetus

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