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24 Nov 2017
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3 Answers

Veena Rajeev

answered on 1 year ago

The fact that men would look pretty weird without those two dots on their chests :D 

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Dr. Karthik Madhusudan

answered on 1 year ago

Basically, males and females are all built from the same genetic blueprint. As embryos in the womb, males and females have similar tissues and body parts. In fact, all embryos start out as female, which is why nipples are present in both sexes.

In boys, the Y chromosome and the hormone testosterone bring about changes to the embryo, including the growth of the penis and testicles. However, because the nipples have already developed before the sex of the baby is determined, the nipples stay. These vestigial nipples have no functional use. 

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Medpicky user

answered on 1 year ago

If men don't have nipples their body looks empty. 

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