Everyone hit that google search bar type 'how to lose', it will show, "how to lose 15 kgs in 60 days", "how to lose 10 kgs in 30 days", "how to lose  5 kgs in 1 day" and even more ridiculous options. This is exactly why I thought of writing this. It's completely not fictitious, but totally out of what I myself had went through. For all those who don't know me, I will take you back some 5 years back. 

The story..

            I was new in college 1st year MBBS.. story happened there ! As you can already think, I was overweight. Exactly saying 167cms tall and 72 or plus weight. I had never always been like that. In my school days, I was very thin. Like every other south Indian parent's, my parents felt so bad and began feeding me so much and yea....hurray! I became normal, I became a little chubby, I became overweight. I ate whatever I got to eat even my appetite changed, I was always hungry. My parents tried to stop me from eating but I guess my stomach grew 3 or 4 times larger.

From then on, my weight did not change much. I don't have to mention, how most overweight teenage girls are treated among their peer groups. I was bullied many times. I tried many times,many ways to lose weight. I failed ! But I began to get over that feeling. There were good friends too but college was a little more tough. There was a lot to study.I kept on binge eating out of stress. But I finally made a decision to lose weight as fast as possible 2 months it took for me to lose 15 kgs. I starved I fed myself on fibres and water, ran, walked, did all the possible exercises on earth. It was all out of the revenge against the times I was bullied. I became so slim that even my parents couldn't recognise me!

It did not take so long for me to regain the weight I lost or even more. I began eating again out of craving.

But now I know...from the lessons learned from my experiences and what I have studied  So I'm here to tell all those who are anxious about their bodyweight, please not to be STUPID !


     - Here are a few.. 

1.Starvation- Anything less than 1000 calories a day is starvation for an adult human.

2.Crash dieting- Marriage function?? okie..

3.Do a cabbage soup diet,apple diet,water diet,slim fast shake diet. Oh C'mon there are more stupid ones ! Your body has a minimum daily requirement of nutrients, micro and macro.

4.DIET COKES and Artificial sweeteners.. Why should you give a chemical cocktail containing artificial sweetners like aspartame, saccharin, alitame etc  to your kidney to save 100 or 110 calories?

5.One time a day : Eating only one meal. People tend to eat more when they switch to one time a day diet plan. They actually end up gaining more weight for your information. Body would have a tendency to store all the fat.

6.No fat diet: Fat is essential to your body.It is needed for the functioning of your vital organs, building the cell membranes,absorption of vitamins. In fact taking a bit of fat will make you feel content and reduces craving.

7.SLIM BELTS AND TAPES: Wrapping a cellophane around your body in the gym during exercise makes you sweat faster. You lose more body water and lose weight. It does not help to get rid of the extra fat! If you are still stupid..wrap it 'round !

8.SLIMWEARS: I swear you Can't breathe wearing it !!

9.DEHYDRATion /LAXATIVES: Eating a full fatty meal and taking laxatives.In its extreme state, it's an eating disorder Bulimia nervosa. Laxatives tend to lose water from the body,not the fat.Your weight may decrease. It's the water you are losing.

10.SAUNAS and VIBRATOR BELTS: Again, it's the water you lose.The immediate weight you lose will be regained if you drink 2 cups of water.

11.Slimming teas and pills: These will either be diuretics or will be some nutrient absorption blockers or appetite suppressants.No one will help you with the side effects.

12.Exercise for many hours: Your body produces more stress hormones and hold on the fat and you will not lose any more weight.

13.SLIMMING CREAMS: You rub a cream on your tummy,you decrease 1/2 an inch. Oh WOW! Are their more stupid ideas? I wonder what the content is.

14.Liposuction: You are ok with the cost, the risk of the surgery and you go to your old lifestyle you regain all the fat back! Your money is gone.Simple !

There are plenty of dubious and ridiculous products in market like slimming socks, slimming ear rings and toe rings and slimming soaps. There are many illegal drugs too. One of them is CLENBUTEROL It's a horse bronchodilator. In high doses, it increases the metabolism and causes weight loss. I have seen people given this same drug in the gyms. There are mild side effects like palpitation,tremor to fatal ones like arrhythmia. Other drugs having androgenic hormones for building muscle mass are also popular in the local gyms.

Inducing tapeworms? Yes Dr.Kwak's tapeworms is a bit too much! People are even advised to start smoking and induce sickness to lose weight. Okay… any more creepy sides?

        There is no easy way of weight loss, that doesn't mean you have to stress yourself this much. Your mind is as important as your body. Depression, anxiety, eating disorders! No,we don't want these. What you need is ACCEPTANCE. Yes, you accept you are overweight. You are beautiful. Beauty is not determined by the few extra pounds you have but the thing is you have to stay healthy. You have to prevent getting high serum cholesterol, hypertension, high blood sugar and other lifestyle diseases. You have to lose weight to be healthy both physically and mentally.

'SLOW' is the key !

1.Eat ' everything ' in moderation.

2.Small meals plenty of times.

3.Drink lot of water.

4.Avoid or reduce junk foods and unhealthy foods.

5.Have plenty of veggies and fruits.

6.Include more of dietary fiber like green leafy vegetables in your diet, your extra appetite would be satisfied. 

7.You can take nuts in moderation.

8.You can have 1 or 2 teas. Reduce the sugar in it. You must enjoy the taste of tea, not the sugar !

9.You crave for an icecream or chocolate? go have it.. once you feel good, stop eating! Everything in moderate quantities is okay once in a while.

10.Eat lot of proteins, reduce the intake of excess carbohydrates like rice. Switch to whole wheat products.

11.Start exercising.. start with simple ones (isotonic exercise ). Brisk walking/Jogging is the best. Start with less duration.20 mins...then slowly increase to 45 mins or 1 hour.

12.Yoga is also very useful for mind and body.

13.You can also do isometric exercises like cycling, running, dancing, zumba, aerobics etc. Don't over exercise and stress too much.

14.You change some of your daily habits.

      A.Take the stairs,not the lifts

      B.No extra snacking during mid-day break.

      C.Restrict yourself from overeating during parties and other functions

15.Stop weighing yourself everyday, you will eventually lose weight.Weigh yourself at the end of every month.

16.Engage yourself in other activities..learn a new musical instrument,listen to music, read a new book, travel a lot. I swear you will forget to over eat!

17. Reward yourself with your favorite food or whatever you like to have for every kg you lose.

       Slow and steady wins the race. Don't be stupid.. You have to lose weight slowly in a healthy way. Feel light and be happy !

Author : Gayathri Kausthubham